The Challenge: Put on a unique, creative, fun awards ceremony for one demanding ad industry audience, and seriously, if you get between them and an ADDY, they will cut you.

Cropped image from a bank welcome email

The Challenge: Help new bank customers take advantage of opportunities ahead of them in their financial journey.

Cropped image from an email for a customer service campaign

The Challenge: Help associates prevent churn by offering the special support and attention that certain customers need.

Display of a computer monitor showing the front page of the "80 Years" site, a tablet showing a digital invitation, and a printed invitation

The Challenge: Provide an extraordinary 80th birthday celebration for an extraordinary man with an extraordinary life.

Buffalo Rocktails campaign

The Challenge: Inspire local bar owners to stock Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale, by inspiring customers to ask for it by name.

Highlights from the Workamajig Comics integrated campaign

The Challenge: Convey Workamajig’s brand promise in a way that isn’t just compelling and interesting but also fun and shareable.

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