Caperton Gillett



Caperton Gillett's headshotMy love of advertising started at age seven when I produced a 30-second TV commercial for my pink and purple Huffy bicycle ("Pinky, the Bicycle for All Your Needs." Hey, I was seven). It continued through an elementary school assignment in which we were meant to write short essays about ourselves; I crafted an ingenious print ad (and was yelled at, because we were supposed to be writing essays). In my high school French class, it was a commercial, all in French, for the Guillotronique—a handy, portable, suitcase-sized guillotine that was a companion piece to the Noose-o-Matique. In college, I discovered, to my joy, that advertising was an actual field of academic study, and when I started to learn about the message strategy and creative skills behind the stuff I liked already, I was well and truly hooked. And it ruined me for watching TV, too. My friends can't sit with me through commercials.

Fast forward an indeterminate number of years, and I have under my belt brochures, TV commercials, print ads, billboards, postcards, booklets, videos, posters, websites, holiday cards, comic strips, shorts, radio ads, feature articles, magazines, multimedia slideshows, and a couple of t-shirts. I write a lot, and I feel comfortable in saying that I'm good at it. I've developed a talent for finding the beauty in technology and the interesting in some dismally boring subjects—and the marketing appeal in businesses, products, individuals, and concepts that don't, on the surface, necessarily look all that appealing.

I probably want to work with you. (Probably. I mean, I haven't met you yet.) Shoot me an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll see what I can do to put your message in the right way in front of the right eyes.

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