Framed Buffalo Rocktails poster  and "A Taste of Southern Spice" sales leave-behind

The Client: Buffalo Rock Company, a regional soft drink bottler

The Challenge: Inspire local bar and restaurant owners to stock Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale, by inspiring customers to ask for it by name.

The Solution: The Buffalo Rocktails campaign established spicy, golden Buffalo Rock as the new mixer of choice for classic cocktails. A brochure for bar managers extolled the benefits (and cult-favorite status) of Buffalo Rock. Four coasters encouraged bar customers to spice up their usual drink requests by trading their regular, pale ginger ale for Buffalo Rock—and, more importantly, asking their bartender for it by name. A series of bar posters and print ads reinforced the idea, and a hashtag encouraged consumers to share with their friends that they'd just turned a cocktail into a #BuffaloRocktail.

Here's the brochure

And the posters

And the website



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