A screenshot from a Workamajig blog post

The Client: Workamajig, a project management system for the advertising industry

The Challenge: Present the features and benefits of software in a way that's entertaining and informative, and supports Workamajigs claim of "We know how agencies work"—in a bunch of blog posts.

The Solution: We didn't just come up with blog posts—we came up with a new, pretend ad agency and an entire campaign built around it. The blog posts were "written by" various staffers at the "agency," talking about how features of the software benefit them. I'll tell you a secret, though: All 22 characters were actually me.

The blog: workamajig.com/blog (featuring posts from "The Calico Agency")

Posts of Note: How Workamajig Lets Everyone at Calico Agency Go Home on Time; “Nice” Isn’t Working Out: Workamajig’s Integrated Accounting SolutionsAsk Us Anything: Question Time with the Calico Crew




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