Screenshot of the Birmingham Pepsi Sign Twitter page

The Client: Buffalo Rock Company, a regional soft drink bottler

The Challenge: Not-terribly-quick story: There used to be this old, poorly maintained missing tooth of a lighted sign atop the Two North Twentieth building in downtown Birmingham. In spring of 2014, the building's owner and Buffalo Rock Company came up with the idea of wrapping the sign with a Pepsi banner and save the ad revenue toward an upgraded digital sign. Well, Birminghamsters who had an inexplicable emotional attachment to the old sign flipped out, to much dramatic controversy. It wasn't popular, is my point.

The Solution: We figured we'd just let Birmingham come to know and love the Pepsi sign by giving it its own Twitter account. But I’ll let you in on a secret: The sign isn’t actually doing the tweeting. People are. The sign doesn’t have Internet access. (But the sign was proud that it earned a silver 2015 Birmingham ADDY for Social Media.)

The Credit: Agency: o2ideas; copywriters: Caperton Gillett, Nate Bowers, Joe Crowe; art director: Jenny Burrows




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