Screenshot from the Workamajig website, featuring the imaginary Calico Agency

The Client: Workamajig, a project management system for the advertising industry

The Challenge: Show that Workamajig's promise—"We know how agencies work"—is more than just words.

The Solution: The (imaginary) Calico Agency was born during the Workamajig Comics campaign, showing how Workamajig really does know the ins and outs of agency life. It was only natural to make that agency the centerpiece of Workamajig's website.

Most importantly, of course, the interactive site showed how Workamajig works in the hands of different imaginary employees. But Easter eggs gave other little tastes of agency life—the office critters, the art director who goes everywhere via scooter, the trophies, the gnome in the filing cabinet. (What, you don't have a filing cabinet gnome?) It's important to know that Workamajig helps Ian keep from overworking his creative staff. And, hey, it's also nice to know that, after more than a decade here, he still won't let go of his obscure British slang. (What, you don't have a British creative director?)

See the comics campaign

There's also a blog



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