Highlights from the Workamajig Comics integrated campaign

The Client: Workamajig, a project management system for the advertising industry

The Challenge: Convey Workamajig’s brand promise—that they “know how agencies work”—in a way that isn’t just compelling and interesting but also fun and shareable.

The Solution: It started with Workamajig comics—funny, relatable, personalizable, shareable snippets of agency life. Then it snowballed. The offices of Calico Agency—the imaginary ad agency featured in the comics—became the interactive setting for the front page of the website. The imaginary staff of the imaginary agency started writing blog posts about the different features and benefits of the system. One-panel mini-comics started popping up on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The entire thing was promoted with carefully targeted web banners and landing pages (as well as a social media-based contest inviting visitors to find missing agency cat Admiral Purr). Then what had been conceived as a short-term thing turned into a long-term thing. Because who can resist Brian and his dreidel prowess? Or Admiral Purr, taking a ride in a biplane? These pretend agency professionals are just like you! Only cuter.

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