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The Shape of Things to Come

Designer Karim Rashid, sitting in a chair with his chin on one handIt is possible to avoid industrial design. This would involve running through the woods completely naked, but it can be done.

The point behind Erin Wright’s vivid image is that everything we touch—from the clothes we wear to the streets on which we drive—has been crafted with an eye toward functionality and, to varying extents, aesthetics.

 Do Dead Cancer Cells Fuel Metastasis?

An electron-microscope closeup of a dead cancer cellEven after cancer has been defeated with chemotherapy, metastasis is a risk that cancer patients and their physicians must face. But could the dead cancer cells actually encourage metastasis? A team of UAB researchers led by Katri Selander, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of hematology-oncology, is investigating the possibility--and the potential for groundbreaking new cancer treatments that could result.

UAB Alumnus is a Viral Video Star

A small crowd of survivors stand bravely against a dystopian, industrial backgroundA few million people have seen Brian Curtin get his comeuppance in a UAB parking deck. He hopes that even more will tune in online to watch him get attacked by alien robots outside a Birmingham warehouse.

Bad things have been happening to this UAB graphic design graduate ever since he began making “stupid little short films” (his words) in high school using the video function on his still camera.

Craig Barton: Nurse | Rapper

Nurse Craig Barton strikes a rap pose in the hospital hallway, backed up by his colleaguesThere’s some mad flow all up in UAB’s Heart and Vascular Services department, and it’s not just the heart-lung machine. UAB rap stylist—and nurse—Craig Barton rose to semi-prominence with his “ER Rap” in 2005, and his rhyming celebrity has grown ever since. He’s been flown across the country to perform live, and departments around the UAB Health System are clamoring for his hip-hop skills.

This Campaign, These Are the Voices in Your Head.

A close-up of a woman's mouth next to a microphoneThe music is ominous, pulsing, heavy on the cello. The voice is deep and smooth as it asks, “What kind of conservative would vote to allow Ed Rendell to spend billions in borrowed money for his pet pork projects?”

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