Craig Barton: Nurse | Rapper

By Caperton Gillett

UAB Magazine, Fall/Winter 2011


Nurse Craig Barton strikes a rap pose in the hospital hallway, backed up by his colleaguesThere’s some mad flow all up in UAB’s Heart and Vascular Services department, and it’s not just the heart-lung machine. UAB rap stylist—and nurse—Craig Barton rose to semi-prominence with his “ER Rap” in 2005, and his rhyming celebrity has grown ever since. He’s been flown across the country to perform live, and departments around the UAB Health System are clamoring for his hip-hop skills.

Barton discovered his attraction to rap music as a teenager. “I loved hip-hop. That was my music of choice,” he says, naming Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, and LL Cool J among his favorite artists and inspiration. During his senior year of high school, he and a friend formed a rap group called the Beachin’ Crew. “We did surf rap—Beach Boys samples and all,” he says. “Obviously, we didn’t go far."


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