The Client: Evonik Industries, a global maker of the chemicals that make the chemicals that make things that touch lives every day

The Challenge: Establish a sense of corporate unity within a global company with facilities all over the world, each responsible for a different product, with little contact between facilities. And give employees a sense of the real-life impact of their work, as they spend so much time focused on the quality of their specific product. Bonus challenge: Those products have names like "quarternary derivative" and "organically modified silicone."

The Solution: A surprisingly touching, emotional video helps employees understand how their chemicals are used and how they make lives better. Those superabsorbents aren't just a product that Evonik's clients need to do their job—they also make babies more comfortable. Evonik, their clients, and the world as a whole are better because of the work those employees do. (Incidentally, huge credit goes to the voice artist who was able to nail polybutadienes on the first take.)



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